Happy on Mondays

The GUILT of Wanting More ❗ When You Have It All

August 2, 2021

The Happy on Mondays Podcast is for online entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses to support the life of their dreams. 


Happy on Mondays is about building a life you’re obsessed with! Even on Monday mornings.


In today’s episode:


✨‌ A segment of the REBIRTH Masterclass

✨‌ The responses I’ve got after the masterclass

✨‌ The guilt and shame we feel for wanting more when we already have plenty in our lives

✨‌ How I was hiding the fact that I wasn’t happy in the last two years

✨‌ The fear-based decisions I’ve made in the last couple of years

✨‌ The fear of judgment that holds us back



  • The Rebirth Masterclass: a 5-day masterclass. Your rebirth is on the other side of this transformation. Are you ready to feel alive again!?
  • The Get Paid Challenge: a 90-day mentorship experience that will make your coaching business finally take off.
  • Free Private Training: How to grow your Coaching Business to 6-figure with an authentic & aligned marketing system


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