Happy on Mondays

Coming Clean About My Imperfections as A Life & Business Coach

December 1, 2021

Today’s episode is a vulnerable one. I’m coming clean about my imperfections as a life and business coach. I’m letting go of the idea of being ‘perfect’. I’m embracing the duality of being me, fully. And I’m showing you a side of Mimi I recently rediscovered here in Costa Rica, a wild side. That’s today’s episode of The Happy on Mondays Podcast.                     


The Happy on Mondays Podcast is for online entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses to support the life of their dreams. Happy on Mondays is about building a life you’re obsessed with! Even on Monday mornings.


In today’s episode:


  • Why I’ve been feeling shame and guilt
  • My life in university and as a married woman
  • The part of me I rediscovered once I moved to Costa Rica
  • How I used to chase perfection and why I don’t anymore
  • Coming clean about things “I’m supposed to like”
  • My experience channeling and creating content now
  • What’s coming up on December 6th
  • What you can expect from me in 2022


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