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Coaches: I’m Taking A Stance for The Coaching Industry Today

September 6, 2021

How much of your business success is linked to the things that have been holding you back in your personal life, and professional life. That’s today’s topic of The Happy on Mondays Podcast .


The Happy on Mondays Podcast is for online entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses to support the life of their dreams. 


Happy on Mondays is about building a life you’re obsessed with! Even on Monday mornings.


In today’s episode:


✨‌ Taking a stance for the coaching industry

✨‌ The most hurtful breakup I’ve ever been through - my best friend for over 20 years

✨‌ Saying no to disrespectful comments about coaches and the coaching industry

✨‌ You don’t need to explain yourself, what you do and why you do it

✨‌ Choosing a path that is so different from what everyone expects

✨‌ The one thing I will no longer allow into my life 



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