Happy on Mondays

💹 Scale to 20K Months with ONE Single Offer

July 5, 2021

The Happy on Mondays Podcast is for online entrepreneurs looking to grow their business to support the life of their dreams. 


Happy on Mondays is about building a life you’re obsessed with! Even on Monday mornings.


In today’s episode:

💸 Why having one offer is the easiest and quickest way to get to 20K months

💸 What I thought I needed when I started in the coaching industry

💸 Why I wasn’t hitting my financial goals when I started my coaching business

💸 What accelerated growth is

💸 My thoughts on tripwires, online courses, digital products, online workshops, etc.

💸 The tools I used when I started and how much I invested on them

💸 How many clients you need to hit your financial goal

💸 The biggest mistake I see young coaches making again and again





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